About Project

The "CirThink" Project aimed to embed CE thinking in HEIs through university and industry partnership. The main reason behind this design is in the literature various studies have examined how universities can support sustainable development through formal learning outcomes. Also these studies have highlighted how student-led change from formal learning, sustainability in campus operations, and branding the green university or green campus were key factors for embedding sustainability in education. However few studies have focused on the “hidden curriculum” and the role that universities, as part of the local economy, can assume in implementing the sustainability practices they teach. The hidden curriculum is defined as the difference between the actual learning and the curriculum-based learning in the personal student experience within an educational facility. In this project, it is aimed to show how universities can play a key role in helping to promote circular economy approaches by engaging their students and being a key partner with both public and private organisations. Besides how human resources development outside of the curriculum will be important for circular economy approaches in industry, will be explored in partner countries.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The author is solely responsible for this publication (communication) and the Commission accepts no responsibility for any use may be made of the information contained therein.